Vertual Office

If you want to establish your own a real business, stop using your home address and personal cell phone. Why don’t you come to us and rent a virtual office. Get a business phone number and top CBD business address for saving the price of your monthly cable bill.

Our virtual office is highly quality and very convenient. We get international networks are ready for anytime of using. With our virtual office you can also get our professional staff for helping you to coroperate with your customers which improve their confidence.

A virtual office always links with skyscraper, tower or tall building, those buildings are always located in city center. Our virtual office located located at 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, ifc at the Central Waterfront is adjacent to a number of major office towers and prestigious retail complexes and hotels, it's the heart of Hong Kong.

We have 30 virtual offices varying in size from 3 to 30, 8 meeting rooms, advanced conference and training facilities.